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of the
EFTS Advisory Committee

EFTS is the Electronic Fund Transfer System used by US and international libraries for paperless billing and payment of interlibrary loan and other library service fees. It is designed, maintained and managed by the University of Connecticut Health Center Library with support from the National Library of Medicine.

Article 1

Section 1 : Principal Office
The principal office of the Committee is located in the Lyman Maynard Stowe Library, University of Connecticut Health Center, in Farmington, Connecticut.

Article 2

Section 1 : Specific Objectives and Purpose
The purpose of the Committee is to advise EFTS staff by bringing thoughts, ideas and opinions to the meetings as we discuss EFTS and its relationship to the future of Interlibrary Loan and other billing needs of its members.

Article 3

Section 1 : Number
The Committee shall have a maximum number of 34 members composed as follows:

 o   the EFTS staff
 o   at least one member from the National Library of Medicine
 o   the Docline coordinator (or equivalent) from each of the 8 NN/LM regions
 o   up to two volunteer participant members from each NN/LM region
 o   one representative from CISTI
 o   at least one additional volunteer participant member from a Canadian library

Section 2 : Qualifications
Members shall be employed in a position directly related to EFTS activity at either a member institution, the National Library of Medicine, a Regional Medical Library or CISTI.

Section 3 : Powers
The EFTS program is subject to the provisions of the State of Connecticut Laws, Statutes and Regulations as well as the University of Connecticut regulations. The activities and affairs of the EFTS program shall be conducted and exercised by the University of Connecticut EFTS Staff. The Committee is established solely as an advisory board.

Section 4 : Duties
It shall be the duty of the Members to:
 a.   Register their contact information and institutional affiliation with the EFTS staff;
 b.   Meet at such times and dates as required by these Bylaws;
 c.   Respond promptly to notices of meetings.

Section 5 : Term of Office
The Committee membership commitment is for a term of two (2) years. Each member has the right to remain on the Committee for up to three (3) consecutive terms, unless no other volunteer member comes forward to serve in their respective RML. Vacancies shall be filled by soliciting volunteers from the EFTS membership via the EFTS ListServ and/or by nomination from respective RML offices.

Section 6 : Compensation
Members shall serve without compensation.

Section 7 : Place of Meetings
Meetings shall be held at the EFTS office via teleconference at any agreed upon date and time.

Section 8 : Regular Meetings
The Committee will meet at least semi-annually, in March and October, to discuss the future of EFTS.

Section 9 : Special Meetings
Special meetings of the Committee may be called by any of its members at any time it is warranted.

Section 10 : Notice of Meetings
 a.   Regular meetings will be held in March and October, with an e-mail reminder notice;
 b.   Special meetings may be called with at least one week prior notification via e-mail to each member.
 Such notification shall include date and time of meeting along with call instructions and an Agenda.
 Each member shall respond as requested within the notification.

Section 11 : Conduct of Meetings
Routine meetings shall be presided over by the EFTS staff.


We, the current members of the EFTS Advisory Committee, consent to and hereby do adopt the foregoing Bylaws, as the Bylaws of the EFTS Advisory Committee.

Dated: __________________________

jks 8/2010

EFTS Lyman Maynard Stowe Library MC 4003 • University of Connecticut Health Center • 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington CT 06034-4003
Email: efts@uchc.edu • Phone: (860) 679-4500 • Toll-Free: (866) 561-5045 • Facsimile: (860) 679-1305