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EFTS Member Policies

EFTS Member Policies

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a transaction based electronic billing system for Interlibrary Loan. The EFTS is used by libraries for processing payment of inter-library loan transactions. Electronically billing EFTS members greatly reduces the need to create invoices and write checks between members.
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Membership focuses on libraries in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM). However, any library, information center, institution or organization that borrows or lends information is eligible to become a member.
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Become a Member
To become a member of EFTS a library must first fill out an online application, a Memorandum of Agreement, join the EFTS-L listserv and must establish an account. Instructions are available at https://efts.uchc.edu/Common/BecomeMember.aspx
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The online application establishes your library profile by providing EFTS with detailed Library information including LIBID, contact information and FEIN (Federal ID number).
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Members establish an account, from which ILL activity will be debited or credited, at the University of Connecticut Health Center Library, by depositing funds via check, MC/Visa or wire transfer. *Net Lenders satisfy this component by uploading LEND transactions to maintain the account balance above a $0.00 amount.
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Currency Conversion
  ●   Balance:  The official currency of EFTS is $USD (US Dollars). Member balances are held in $USD.
  ●   Currency conversion:  EFTS subscribes to a service that provides hourly currency conversion rates. Currency conversions are performed on a transaction-by-transaction basis at the time the transaction is processed into the EFTS system and will not change during the month or at month close.
For transactions that are held because of errors (including “Borrower Inactive”), the conversion will occur when those transactions are fixed and re-processed by the lending member or the EFTS system.
  ●   Displayed Balances:  Any balances displayed online will be presented in $USD unless the column label implies another currency.
  ●   Email Balances:  Any balance contained in a system generated email will be in $USD only.
  ●   Transactions & Files:  The structure of uploaded or manually entered files and transactions will not change. Member libraries will be able to transact business with one another the same way as they do now.
  ▪   No currency symbol will be needed when inserting the amount of the transaction.
  ▪   The EFTS “Online Transaction Entry” template will identify LIBIDs and display, after the “Charge” field, the symbol for the currency required. (From: Member login>Transaction File>Build an Online Transaction File>Online Transaction Entry)
  ▪   The currency to be used in ILL transactions will be inferred from the country location of the two libraries engaged in the transactions as follows:
  •   Both libraries are in the same country: The local currency of the libraries will be displayed but all monies will be held in $USD.
  •   The libraries are in two different countries: The currency is assumed to be in $USD.
  ▪   The DOCLINE EFTS File Builder program is available to DOCLINE members.
  ▪   Note: Canadian libraries should enter charges in Canadian dollars when billing other Canadian libraries using the DOCLINE EFTS File Builder program.
  ●   Deposits to EFTS:  All deposits to EFTS will remain in $USD. This applies to both credit card deposits and printed check deposits.
  ●   Redistributions:  Redistribution to member libraries will be in $USD in the form of a printed check mailed to the member library.
  ●   Member Statements:  $USD will be used in the summary and detail transaction sections. In addition, the local currency of the member will be added in the detailed transaction section.
U.S. members will see no difference in the system due to the inclusion of the monetary conversion for other countries. The new data are only visible to members whose local currency is not $USD.
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EFTS-L listserv
The EFTS-L listserv is the primary means of communication between EFTS staff and members. Sign up at https://efts.uchc.edu/Public/listserv.aspx
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At this time there is no membership fee required to become a member of EFTS.
It is recommended that regular, timely deposits be made to the system. If an account balance is negative for three months, it will be assessed a $25.00 per month service charge thereafter with a maximum charge of $75. Uploaded lending transactions, accepted and processed, will be assessed a six percent (6%) service fee.
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Back Billing
Frequently we are asked whether or not there is an EFTS policy regarding “back billing”. Participants want to know whether it is appropriate to bill for transactions that have occurred either some time ago or prior to their (own) participation in EFTS. Good business practice would tell us that billing should ideally occur in a ‘reasonable and timely’ manner. Some exceptions to this practice do exist, for example NLM posts Quarterly transaction files rather that the more common practice of monthly uploads.
It gets a bit more tricky when transactions are posted for long past due activity OR activity prior to membership in EFTS. We suggest that any such older transactions be discussed with the parties involved PRIOR to presenting the data to EFTS for processing. If both parties agree that the charges are valid and have not been satisfied for payment via any other billing option, then the transaction could be presented to EFTS for upload.
EFTS processing is not directly linked to DOCLINE and thus we have no way of determining the validity of the charges. Transactions presented to the system are processed as presented. It is important for each participant to review the data in the REPORTS section, so that any unusual activity or disputed charges get addressed as soon as they are noticed.
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Member Accounts

All members use their DOCLINE LIBID (or are assigned a unique account ID for non-DOCLINE members) and choose a password to a secure online account at the EFTS website https://efts.uchc.edu. Access to the system is provided around the clock unless otherwise announced.
Telephone assistance is available weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST at 860-679-4500 or toll free at 1-866-561-5045.
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Account Balance
"Account Balance" is the amount displayed upon Member Login, as well as the "Ending Balance" referenced in the Member Report for the Current Accounting Month. This is the current real-time balance available. Monitoring monthly statements and ensuring that sufficient funds are on deposit at all times is the responsibility of the EFTS member.
Accounts must be maintained with a positive balance. If the account balance is below $0.00 for three consecutive months, a fee of $25.00 will be assessed per month thereafter, and transactions will no longer be paid. No more than three consecutive low-balance fees will be assessed to an account. Upon the fifth consecutive month with a negative balance, the account will be TERMINATED. A negative amount appears in parentheses upon Member Login and in the Report for the Current Accounting Month.
Although an account may fall below $0.00, the system will permit transactions to be processed for the first two months. The member library will be responsible for ensuring the account balance is returned to a satisfactory status for their borrowing/lending activity, PRIOR to the first business day of the next month.
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Average Monthly Debit
The system calculates the average monthly debits for an account. It is displayed on the monthly report and can be compared to the account balance. If the account balance is less than the calculated average monthly debits, there may be insufficient funds to cover another month's charges. Average Monthly Debits are calculated as the total debits incurred during the previous 12 months divided by twelve. Note that this will be artificially low for new members due to lack of history.
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Account Status
Accounts with a positive account balance are considered ACTIVE.
Accounts that have a negative account balance for three (3) consecutive months will be placed on INACTIVE. Transactions will no longer be paid until sufficient funds to cover the negative balance are deposited. Pending transactions will be paid upon return to ACTIVE status.
Accounts on INACTIVE for two (2) consecutive months will be TERMINATED from the system. Unpaid accounts will be forwarded to collections. Accounts sent to collections will be responsible for the unpaid balance, all incurred fees and the cost of collections.
TERMINATED accounts may be considered for reinstatement after funds are replenished.
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Forfeiture of Funds
Upon official notification of termination of affiliation, from your library or institution, (see Memorandum of Agreement https://efts.uchc.edu/Public/Documents/moa.doc) , EFTS will attempt to return any remaining funds in your account. In the event that reasonable effort (12 months after termination) has been executed by EFTS staff, to return any remaining funds, and our efforts fail, said funds would be forfeited.
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One of the goals of EFTS is to minimize the labor-intensive process of creating invoices/bills and cutting checks for both borrowing and lending institutions. It is recommended that regular, timely deposits be made to the system by check, credit card or wire transfer. For your convenience a blank invoice may be downloaded from the EFTS web site at https://efts.uchc.edu/Public/forms.aspx.
Checks: The institution's LIBID and "EFTS" must be clearly visible on the check to ensure that it is posted to the proper account.
Credit card: VISA and MasterCard can be used to deposit funds to an EFTS account. Download and fill out the Credit Card Transaction Form, available under the Forms link, and send to our secure fax at (860) 679-1305. Once your form is on file, click the "Credit Card Deposit Request" link while logged in to submit your electronic request. Credit Card deposits are processed at 3pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.
Wire transfers: Contact us for details.
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Withdrawing Funds (Check Withdrawal)
The designated “Responsible Person” of the Member Institution may request a withdrawal of funds at any time (on demand), by logging in to the account, selecting the “Request: Check Withdrawal” link from the Member Menu. An email template will pop-up. Fill with data as indicated and ‘send’ request to the EFTS mailbox (efts@uchc.edu).
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Redistributions of payments received are triggered by the end of a calendar quarter (December, March, June, and September) and are offered in JANUARY, APRIL, JULY, and OCTOBER. At that time, ALL members are instructed via e-mail to review their ‘Member Messages’. If you do NOT have a message, you do not have a redistribution.
The EFTS software automatically runs an algorithm to determine whether or not your institution is eligible for a redistribution. These are the criteria used:
 1)  Average Monthly Debt (AMD) for the past 12 months OR if in EFTS for less than one year, the total debts divided by months in EFTS
 2)  AMD x 1.5; this amount is to remain on account as a minimum
 3)  Elimination of members who have opted out of ‘redistribution’ by selecting NO in their institutional profile
 4)  Elimination of members whose debits are greater than their credits (NET BORROWERS)
 5)  $100 is the minimum that must be on account before a redistribution can be considered
Those libraries that meet the criteria are sent a “redistribution message” to their system generated ‘Member Messages’. At that time, a generic e-mail message is sent to the EFTS-L ListServ informing members of the process as well as instructions regarding a “REPLY BY DATE”. Members are instructed to respond no later than ten (10) business days regarding their selection. Members may choose to take all, part or none of the offered amount. Once a selection is made, it cannot be changed. At the close of the selection period, EFTS software processes all the requests received. This officially closes the redistribution offer period. Any monies not requested remain on account until the next redistribution cycle.
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Member Reports
A member can view current account activity from the Reports section of their secure online account. They can also view and print monthly statements as well as account summaries for various periods of time. The monthly statement includes a record of each transaction for which a member has been credited or debited, and the average monthly debit. All service charges, fees, deposits and redistributions are also identified.
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Transaction Files
Only members that charge another EFTS member need to upload a Transaction Data File to the EFTS system. Users of third party products (e.g. QuickDOC, Clio or ILLiad) or DOCLINE File Builder may use those tools to create the file. Libraries that don’t utilize an electronic means to manage their ILL transactions can use the Online Transaction Entry feature of the Transaction File from their secure online account. DOCLINE transactions are predominately sent to the system. However, other legitimate transactions may also be submitted. These could include ILLs received through OCLC, newsletter subscriptions or payment for other items sent. No single transaction can exceed $999.99.
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The EFTS-L listserv is used as the primary mechanism to communicate with EFTS members. Add your e-mail to the EFTS-L listserv at https://efts.uchc.edu/Public/listserv.aspx

System generated email will appear upon login to your member account and contains reminders about low balances, transactions processed and deposits, among others.
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Contacting EFTS
We welcome your comments and suggestions about the EFTS program and services. Please visit our Contact Us page: https://efts.uchc.edu/Public/ContactUs.aspx
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Data Ownership
A member can view current account activity from the Reports section of their secure online account. They can also view and print monthly statements as well as account summaries for various periods of time. The monthly statement includes a record of each transaction for which a member has been credited or debited, and the average monthly debit. All service charges, fees, deposits and redistributions are also identified.
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Privacy Statement
EFTS staff does not deliver, distribute, print, copy or disclose administrative content or member information. EFTS member information is confidential and its use is restricted to only those individuals named as EFTS staff.
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EFTS Lyman Maynard Stowe Library MC 4003 • University of Connecticut Health Center • 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington CT 06034-4003
Email: efts@uchc.edu • Phone: (860) 679-4500 • Toll-Free: (866) 561-5045 • Facsimile: (860) 679-1305