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Replies to EFTS' call for comments, "We'd Love to Hear from You!"

EFTS makes the payment process for Interlibrary Loans quick and easy. Our Finance department is very happy because we no longer need cheques and because it so very easy for other libraries to pay us. For our libraries, belonging to EFTS has streamlined our processes and allowed us to be up-to-the-minute with both payments and receipts for ILLs. Even though we belong to Freeshare, we charge-back to Libraries that charge us. EFTS makes that a very simple process. They do the bookkeeping, and we get our payments regular as clockwork!

-Penny Logan, Manager Library Services; Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada; (NSCQHE)

Before I joined EFTS I used to set aside one afternoon a month to process interlibrary loan payments. Filling out a check request form and making copies of invoices to send to accounts payable, a task that was not adding any value to my library service. Now I ask for one or two checks a month for those few libraries that charge me and are not EFTS members. I make a request to replenish my account twice a year based on my interlibrary activity. I am spending more time connecting with my patrons and providing great service. EFTS really makes sense for this one-person library.

-Kathy Fatkin, RN MLS AHIP; Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Idaho Falls ID; (IDUCIF)

It sure saves time and money when Kathy (our Librarian) only processes one or two checks per year. It wouldn’t be very cost effective to make a check out for every article. The ‘check request’ process is so time consuming! With all the hoops and signatures needed it just doesn’t make sense not to do EFTS.

-Holly Cole, Staff Accountant; Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Idaho Falls ID; (IDUCIF)

Why, certainly!

Although my library is small and I don't charge for any ILLs, I absolutely love using EFTS to pay for those articles which I must purchase. EFTS makes payment AND budgeting a breeze! Thank you so much for your service.

-Marilyn T. Pitman, MLS; Director, Library Services; Bristol Hospital & Health Care Group (CTUBHP)

I'm more than happy to sing the praises of EFTS. It has reduced my workload tremendously! And my Accounts Payable department LOVES not having to cut dozens of individual checks every month for $11.00 each. I was once told by our AP department that the average cost to process one check was about $110.00. If that isn't an incentive for joining EFTS, I don't know what is!

-Molly Harrington, MLS, AHIP; Manager, Library Services; St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center (AZUHSJ)

I wanted to thank you for your extremely helpful and individual assistance. I am new to EFTS and have been very impressed with your service. EFTS is also making life much simpler for our accounting department and for me. Congratulations on a job well done!

-Teri Neuman, MLIS, RN; Electronic Library Services & Assistance; South Carolina Dept. of Health and Environmental Control; (SCUHED)

I LOVE EFTS! Since NLM tracks this now, it's so simple to bill! We didn't have program that did this for us, so I had to manually enter each ILL into EFTS. Now all that info comes over from NLM, so all I do is enter the price on each one and send the file to EFTS (each step is prompted)--it's a breeze!!! It's so simple to do, I don't know why everyone hasn't joined. I have heard the argument that Admin or Finance doesn't want to issue checks into a deposit account in advance, but once it is explained to them about not having to issue numerous small checks to lots of institutions they usually "get it."

Thanks for all the improvements, especially getting NLM on board! I'm smiling every time I do EFTS billing, because it saves so much time!

-Jan Grabowski; Burlew Medical Library; St. Joseph Hospital; (CAUORJ)

We love this service. We are a busy information center who needs for services such as this to run smoothly to enhance what we are able to provide in-house and from other sources. We are glad to be participants.

-Carol Harris; Director, Library Services; Deborah Heart & Lung Center; (NJUDHL)

EFTS is what I used to dream about while shuffling ILL coupons back and forth, coordinating invoices with our Accounting Dept., and otherwise spending huge amounts of scarce time. It is so well conceived and operated that it seems too good to be true, and the staff is so helpful and pleasant to work with. Thank you for a giant step forward.

-Evelyn Simpson, Medical Librarian; Fountain Valley Regional Hospital; (CAUFVC)

I use EFTS everyday and when I make a request for an article, I always check the box to send my request only to EFTS libraries. Thanks so much for making the process of billing so easy. The updating process is also so smooth and effortless. Blessings on you and your service to make our life easier.

-Cliff Nestell; Shawnee Mission Medical Center; (KSUSMK)

Our Business Office is real happy with us using EFTS, as very few invoices are being sent for interlibrary loan activities. We recently used EFTS to sent funds to a deposit account at another library. Quickly done without a lot of paperwork.

-Paul Drake; University of Guam/Unibetsedat Guahan Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library; (GUUUGA)


"I serve 5 rural hospitals-- EFTS is a life saver for us, enabling us to acquire articles from out of state that would surely otherwise be unavailable. Sometimes the direct impact on care is hard to assess, but I would hate to find out."

-Kathleen Hughes, Community Memorial Hospital; (NYUHNY)

"EFTS has simplified the process of managing interlibrary loan charges to such an extent that when the odd interlibrary loan bill does arrive I am reminded of how seamless a process the system is. And now that our accounts are accessible through the web, account status is never a question. EFTS = one check sent to one place!"

-Denise Corless, Caritas Norwood Hospital; (MAUNOH)

"Participation in EFTS is critical for a hospital librarian short on time and resources. It basically provides an accounting system which would otherwise take many extra hours to maintain. The new web access to our account gives us ready updates on all of our transactions. It's an invaluable service."

-Mary Jo Dorsey, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital; (PAUWPH)

"As one of the old timers who remember the coupon days, EFTS is a technological marvel. I am the only person in a small hospital library, so I truly appreciate the ease and convenience of using EFTS over paying individual invoices from libraries who charge for ILLs. I also no longer worry about selecting specific libraries to send the requests - as so many libraries are participating those infrequent invoices for ILLs are becoming more rare each month."

-Pat Davis, Falmouth Hospital; (MAUFAL)

"EFTS is a very easy, efficient, labor saving, and cost effective way to handle document delivery. As more libraries become involved, the more seamless the process becomes. I can't imagine not participating."

-Rebecca J. Marthey, American Hospital Association; (ILUAHA)

"I have been doing Interlibrary Loan for many years: since before personal computers and before effective fax machines, and certainly before the Internet. Advances in technology have changed the job in many ways. One of the most positive changes has been the ability to invoice and to pay for interlibrary loan requests through the batch uploading of files over the Internet. I remember coding requests for punch card data entry into mainframes. I remember coupons, and trying to find an efficient way to deal with piles of over dues and piles of staple filled pieces of cardboard. Now I have EFTS. The time and labor savings are obvious. Between EFTS members, there are no invoices, no checks to cut, no piles of small payments to process. In fact, when we review our DOCLINE routing table, one of our criteria for inclusion is EFTS membership. EFTS is a change for the better."

-Dorothy Kalahan, University of Connecticut Health Center Library; (CTUCON)

"I would like to express our library’s appreciation for the Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) service. The Health Sciences Library (HSL) is one of the first libraries in Florida to join EFTS to pay for our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests. We have been extremely satisfied with this service; it is quick, efficient and painless. The most difficult and time consuming aspect of joining EFTS was convincing our institution that this service was needed, and cost effective. As a Performance Improvement (PI) activity, the HSL charted the cost of using EFTS vs. the cost of continuing to submit Check Requests Forms (CFR) for the payment of ILL invoices. The library’s PI demonstrated how lowering the number of ILL checks written from 28 per month to 6, at an average cost of $30+ per check, netted an institutional cost-saving of nearly $8,000 per year - it was a winner!

The library staff continually encourages other libraries, including our local library consortium members, to join this ILL electronic payment service. We would also like to see state libraries in Florida join EFTS; this would further streamline hospital libraries’ payment procedures. EFTS is a great product and we are satisfied customers – thanks!"

- Naomi F. Elia, Orlando Regional Healthcare (FLUORM)


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